Who are we?

Meşe Makina started its activities in Bursa in 2009 to share its 30 years of engineering experience with the market. Our company has set out to provide high production technology with the world outside of Turkey and all the usual high quality standards and products.

Meşe Makina develops in line with the R & D studies and demands of its customers and produces better quality products every day. Our company has made strong references in all sectors, especially in machinery and automotive sector with many projects realized in the last years.

2012 Year in our new location since Turkey’s first Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, which Blacksmiths We continue our activities in the industrial site.

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Why Choose Us?


Considering the needs and expectations of customers, offering them the highest quality products and services in accordance with legal requirements; By closely following all technological developments related to our activities in the metal processing and machinery sector, it presents new products and services in line with customer expectations, and constantly improves its quality; focused on employee, employer and customer satisfaction, It has proved its product and service quality with the importance it attaches to continuous development, improvement and sustaining its activities with the aim of increasing employee productivity through continuous training;

It has adopted openness to the public opinion about the environment and OHS, which ensures the protection of natural resources and the saving of raw materials and energy resources. To ensure and execute the applicable conditions by continuously auditing the effectiveness of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and making the necessary improvements,

Quality is to be an organization that adopts OHS and environmental awareness as a lifestyle.

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Call us!

Our company is in continuous development and always makes production to meet the market needs with new projects.

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